Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SSIS: How SSIS Configurations are applied

SSIS configurations are applied on runtime.  Here are 2 details it’s very important to know about how configurations are applied:
Applied once only: Configurations are applied once only, at the beginning of the Package running. All values that are configured are loaded in this time, and not at real-time when they are used in the control flow task. It means that you cannot edit SSIS Configurations sources after package started running (more exactly it won’t apply on current running).
Configurations Order:  When you have multiple SSIS configurations, SSIS applies them is the order they are defined in SSIS configurations window, except “Parent variable” that is always applied at the end, no matter where it’s positioned. Keep it in mind if 2 configs overwrite the same value, to ensure the final value will be the one you want! You can edit the order with the arrows on right side  of the edit window.

If you use dtexec command with configurations in command line, read Microsoft article about changes between SSIS 2005 and 2008.

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